2021 Is Upon Us

I mean apart from the obvious lack of flying cars / skateboards.. 2021 for someone who turned 50 last year does seem like living in the future. But at the same time, not.

For while great strides have been made in the last 20 years towards improvements in healthcare, living standards and the wider availability of better coffee - so many things have no changed and in some places, have got worse.

Not  that I intend this to be a melancholy post, more of a call to action I suppose. Because so much faith is being put on new leaders here and there, where it really should no, real change can be acted upon within your own lives and circles.

Right now, in our tiny bubbles of lockdown, we feel isolated and trapped. But if we instead look upon this as an opportunity to change we could all be a little better.

So why not learn a new skill, often for free. Take up sewing, learn Spanish, try painting. We'll never get a better opportunity and you know what... it might open up an entirely new avenue of life choices you never new you had.

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